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EarClear for EarMites & Canker in Dogs cats 20g
EarClear for EarMites & Canker in Dogs cats 20g
Price:  12.95 

 Mr W Watchman's Original Formula 20g

EARCLEAR Ear mite powder  is Mr W Watchman's 1907 proven formula, old-fashioned ‘ear mite’ powder which has been used for many years by pet owners,  EARCLEAR is perfectly safe, and is also recommended for ear mite in cats and rabbits. Mr. W. Watchman's proven formula of 1907. Especially for ear mites.

Used by the show dog fraternity for many years, EARCLEAR is widely used for animals with ear problems such as itching. This is usually caused by an ear mite which also creates blobs of wax that can be seen in the ear. These blobs can also weep and smell terrible.
It comes in powder form and only a very small amount is needed.
Simply sprinkle a small amount onto the inside of the ear surface NOT the ear hole, and massage in, it is usually a good idea to apply to the paws at the same time. Simply put some powder into a plastic bag, put the dogs paw in the bag and work the powder into the paw and pads and a little way up the leg.
Once the wax starts to move, stop the application.
There are no antibiotics in EARCLEAR
, so it can be used in perfect safety.
Contains: - zinc oxide, talc, lodoform, boric acid. (Caution, lodoform can stain light coloured carpets).

A nominal amount of ear wax production is natural in dogs. Dogs and cats are susceptible to attacks from parasites like ear mites. Wet inner ears, dogear mites and foreign organic substances can combine together and cause serious infections in your dog’s ears. An infection in the ear causes the dog to scratch ears, shake his head without any reason and adopt abnormal behaviors. Ear infections are painful and the dog may not like to be petted on his head and may even find it difficult to open his mouth.

Domestic pets need regular help from their owners for grooming, getting rid of dog and cat ear mites, skin care and hygiene. Grooming and keen observation of abnormal behaviors is the best way of getting to know your pet’s problems. Ear infections are common in dogs and ear cleaning should form an important part of grooming. Earclear is a useful home remedy for dog ear mites that can eliminate mites. These can be used for cleaning the dog’s ear on a regular basis also. If you choose to get rid of the ear mites in the natural way, you are not likely to face any side effects.

* Not recomended for us on preganat and nursing animals

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